Guidelines for Caring for Babies from the Womb and Growth and Development

As a mother, you will certainly give the best for the baby from the beginning of his life. Starting from maintaining a healthy pregnancy, giving birth safely and smoothly, to support its growth and development from birth to adulthood. For women, the experience of getting pregnant, giving birth, and continuing to accompany a baby is a wonderful and happy thing. At the same time, this is a challenge, especially for those of you who have just assumed the title of mother. Underwent Pregnancy and Childbirth When declared pregnant, various mixed feelings. Happy, emotional, anxious, and confused, as if present at the same time. To be able to support healthy fetal development, you need to know the factors that affect the health of the pregnancy, such as: Routine inspection Once you are declared pregnant, immediately contact a doctor. The aim is to check your womb and health. Routine pregnancy check up every month is important to monitor the development of the fetus and the health o
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